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ATV Tours in Medellin

ATV Tours in Medellin

Booking tours in Medellin can be a tedious task. Many companies offer similar tours, prices are all over the place and mixed reviews don’t help the process. ATV Tours in Medellin are no exception.

After conducting a quick trip advisor search for ATV tours in Medellin, you’ll soon discover the multiple companies that claim to offer off-road adventure tours. Truth be told, we’ve tried multiple companies and the problem is, guided tours suck.

ATVs in Medellin tend to be guided tours for big groups of people where the more skilled drivers are hindered by the limitations of the most inexperienced. With daily tours being set up and random groups signing up, it’s a coin toss whether or not you’ll be able to enjoy sitting behind one of these majestic machines. We’re tired of that.

For that reason Medellin VIP only works with ATV companies that offer private tours where YOU choose the type of course and where quads aren’t tweaked to not reach their full potential. Inexperienced? Try our entry level course. More experienced and not afraid to get muddy? Let us take you on our 4-hour course through the mountains of Rionegro and Guarne.

ATVs in Medellin

Medellin has plenty of farms and rural areas that allow you to stray from the proverbial beaten path and ATV tours in Medellin allow you to do just that. Create your own tour, pick your group’s preferred course and pick how long you want the tour to last. 1 hour tours allow you to see very little, 2 hour tours get your feet wet, but 3 and 4 hour tours really have you see the best of Medellin country life.

Our 3 and 4 hour tours take you into the farms that make up most of our department of Antioquia. See locals herding cattle, beautiful picturesque landscape, visit a trout farm where you catch your own lunch and even stop at a local watering hole where locals even ask to take pictures with you.

But Wait, There’s More …

If 4 hours still isn’t enough to satisfy your need for speed, we also have a 10-hour ATV tour in Medellin. This tour not only takes you into the Medellin wilderness but also takes you to the beautiful town of Guatape. Introducing our ATVs in Guatape, this tour starts at the crack of dawn and takes you 45 kms sitting behind an ATV. Sounds rough (and it is) but there is no other tour like this in Medellin for thrill seekers.

Our bachelor party groups and couples can’t get enough of our ATV tours. Pick a date, start time, duration and course.

What other tour would you like to see in Medellin?

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